February 8th 2015

February 8, 2015

Well this week is going to be pretty monumental…I mean on top of studying I have to finish this “first episode” of this talk show. Can I do it? I start shooting tomorrow, I really hope I’m happy with it…I know that I’ll have to really step up and not have such low confidence. I have to use my speaking voice and I can’t be embarrassed. I have to give it my all and I have to keep it going without ever stopping. Even if I get 2 views….I have to keep trying and never stop that’s just the way it has to be. After all this is just the first episode, so it might just go well. I have to draw people in with my music…by my music I mean my rearrangements. I have to complete at least five episodes before I start posting stuff…man hope it works out. Yeah a lot of things are happening this week. I have to date Raeleen this Friday, return books to ACC and of course Study to no end. Also tomorrow I have to fix my piano part for Tyler’s song. So it’s a lot of things that are coming to a climatic explosion this week. I think that’s why today I’m kind of taking it easy. I didn’t study at all today or do anything really. I did learn the majority of the FFX-2 opening theme which I think will be the opening for the show that I put on. Hopefully this all works out.

I know I sound pretty frantic huh? There’s only so much one man can do. But I just have…to do something to turn people’s head and get some attention. I tried talking about music, but all that got me was the “shhh” no one likes to think about that stuff. If people did like to think about music, then “art music” would still be popular…no this day…this age…videogames are the highest form of art. They are the things people like to talk about and think about the most. Therefore I will as well. That’s just how things are going to go. I’m going to start off with top 5 and top 10 videos because that’s what a lot of people are into…I’m not exactly planning on people to watch the first one really…It’s just to get my feet wet. Kind of like the first Rock Show…which I may bring back and tell people to watch if this starts working. I hope that it does. So I might as well tell you how my day will hopefully go tomorrow. I know If I don’t get to shoot tomorrow, then Wednesday will be a definite. I hate when people look at me like a dumb ass like “You’re not supposed to be doing that”. Wish me luck….I have a feeling this is the first chapter to the meat and cheese of my life….

…or the last chapter to a miserable life…


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